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IamKlassy Bandanna

Customized Hair Protection


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       The Hand Customized Rhinestone Hair Protections is handmade with care from 100% cotton and Austrian rhinestone crystals and can feature whatever name you like.

Wear it on your head to look nice while running out to the store are just looking cute for your haters , it also  protect your hair while sleeping, as always keep it Klassy while riding out in your bling Hair Protection. 

     The nylon material helps give your hair extra protection from sweat and tangling from the wind unlike other products these Customized Hair Protection helps your hair with stand dirt and sweat. It is Specially made with fabric to increase air circulation to cut back on sweat and give the helmet just a bit of lift, to reduce flattening and tangling from the wind..   


For an intentionally klassy look take your hair protection off , shake your hair and enjoy your event.  Go out looking cute, for the haters.